Seventh Day Adventist Diet Guide – (SDA) Recipes & Food

Seventh day Adventist diet is the most valuable and internationally recognized diet plan with proven tract record for a long healthy life free of sickness and common diseases.

Loma Linda, California is one of the “Blue Zones,” popularly refereed to as areas of the world where people live a long, healthy and happy lives.

The Secret?

shh.. **dont tell anyone**. Its the Seventh day Adventist diet plan, food and recipe. Yes, the exact same SDA diet you are about to be exposed to right now.

There is no better way or word to say this, than to be plain and come out straight;

The secret to a healthier and longer life is the 7th day Adventist diet.

Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) are encouraged to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet. They don’t eat meat, but take their diet directly out of the Bible, also they eat legumes, whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Most 7th day Adventists (SDA) try to stay away from processed foods, sugar substitutes, and food additives.

While this is not just some mere claim, lets go back to the research table.

Why the Seventh Day Adventist Diet Plan is So Valuable

Over the years and in recent times, a multitude of clinical studies have used 7th day Adventists as the study population. These studies have proven that most Seventh-day Adventists are healthier than other populations anywhere else in the world.

In general, Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) have a lower rate of death, a lower rate of obesity, and a lower risk of developing heart disease, certain types of cancers, strokes, and diabetes.



A study of Seventh-day Adventists published in 2000 showed that the 34192 self-identified California Adventists who were followed for 12 years lived, on average, 7.3 extra years for men and 4.42 more years for women, when compared to other non-Hispanic Californians.

Generally, the Seventh-day Adventist church (7th day Adventist) does not recommend a specific diet plan or eating pattern. A number of different vegetarian food guide pyramids have been developed over the years, including one developed by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Nutrition Council (GCNC).

Seventh-day Adventist Diet
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7th day Adventist Diet Summary

We found the seventh day Adventist diet (SDA diet) very effective enough to make you live longer and healthier.